Ноw Соmmеrсіаl Grеаsе Тrарs Рrеvеnt Соstlу Рlumbіng Еmеrgеnсіеs

Commercial cooking facilities like restaurants, schools and
resorts are needed by developing codes to set up grease traps in all sinks,
dishwashers, and flooring drains pipes. The grease trap as the name indicates –
traps cooking grease, oils and fats while letting waste liquid run down the
drain. he various parts of commercial grease traps collaborate to keep 90% of
fats, oils and grease and let through effluent liquid. Commercial pipes companies
classify grease traps as the very first line of defense versus sewage system
backups and stubborn obstructions that can lead to expensive company down time.

Separating waste liquid from oily matter, the grease trap is
vital to the hygienic conditions of commercial kitchen areas. Over accumulation
of grease, fats and oils in the trap will hamper the separation procedure and
pull down the drain the above substances. Released grease, oils and fats in the
drain can strengthen and form major obstructions in the plumbing system,
certainly commercial plumbers report that grease clogs have resulted in finish
pipeline replacements in many cases.

Commercial grease traps need to be cleaned up regularly to
guarantee the good working condition of this device. Commercial pipes services
caution that dirty grease traps might lead to sewage system back streams,
offensive odors and high financial penalties.

Ensure the correct treatment of grease traps with the
following do’s and don’ts:


– Leftovers must be scrapped off dishes and into the trash
to avoid running fibrous product down the drain.

– Maintain a routine cleansing schedule of the trap.

– Avoid rinsing hot pans and pots down the drain and risking
expensive pipes problems. Instead scrap cooking oils, fats and greases and
butter into empty containers (tins, cans) and toss to the garbage.


Νatural germs in the grease trap decompose fat,
oil and grease into water and carbon dioxide. Chemicals such as bleach,

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